Youth Learning Network Forum – with Brother Muhammad

Adele's interactive presentation with a YLN student

Youth Learning Network Forum – with Brother Muhammad

The Youth Learning Network Ltd held a successful Parents & Young People Forum for members and non-members with people coming from all walks of London. The Forum discussed educational matters, youth development, social media and above all the current levels of gun & knife crimes in London.

The main speaker was Brother Andrew Muhammad who is known as the Investigator, who drew attention to the numerous problems that our young people have to deal with as well as the crisis of social media. He called on the youths to spend use their presence on social media positively and spend less time on the platforms. On gun and knife crimes, he expressed his frustrations on how Community groups and small charities are unable to operate with maximum funds and resources.


The other speaker Adele who is a headteacher expressed her appreciation on the wonderful works and services that the Youth Learning Network is delivering within the communities and called on others to emulate these activities. Parents and young people who took part came out very satisfied and expressed their huge appreciations and asked for more of these projects to be organised within the communities.

Adele during her presentation

Adele, Parent and Student at YLN event.

Adele’s interactive presentation with a YLN student

Kwame, Brother Muhammad and a YLN student

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