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Our aim is to provide educational support to families, helping young people reach academic success to build better communities and futures for all.

What do we provide? 

The Youth Learning Network (YLN) provides a wide range of activities aimed at; supporting educational development, developing character, building confidence, deepening cultural understanding of Africa and the Caribbean and helping parents’ to better understand the educational system. 

Educational Programme

One objective of YLN is to provide extra educational support for children and young people to reach academic success. In doing so we believe our children can build better communities and futures for all. To be able to support every child in their educational development we deliver comprehensive support to children and young people with varying educational needs, including behavioural, SEN and ESL. 

We strive for educational excellence which is why we employ fully qualified, enthusiastic teachers who deliver lessons in core academic subjects following the national curriculum.

For learners currently in key stages 1-2 we provide tutoring in 3 essential areas:

  • Maths 
  • Reading 
  • Writing 

For learners currently in key stages 3-4 we provide tutoring in the 3 core subjects:

  • Maths 
  • English 
  • Science 

We also equip learners at this stage with vital SATs and GCSE exam preparation.

Transition Programme

It is commonplace for people in our communities to ignore the factors that are persistently causing the failures of our children and young people moving from various year groups in schools and colleges, such as those transitioning from year 6 to 7, from year 10 to 11, and from year 11 into further education, apprenticeship, training or employment.

These groups, especially those transitioning from year 6 to 7, become vulnerable to the changes in schools and colleges, the structures in which they have just been placed with very limited preparation and in most cases no preparation. This is coupled with the challenges of engaging with various teachers on numerous subjects in addition to the voluminous allocation of homework without support both at school and at home.

For those transitioning from 10 to 11, there is heightened pressure due to GCSE preparation, and can result in panic in children and young people already impacted by anxiety and confidence issues. The support offered to this group involves activities aimed at preparing for their future to ensure their continued educational progress at colleges and/or career prospects.

At YLN, we have been supporting children and young people over the years to overcome the challenges of transitioning, gain skills and confidence in how to manage expectations and thrive in their educational programmes. We developed The Transition Project to provide specialist support in small groups of 4 to 6 young people delivered by highly experienced mentors and tutors with lived experience. The sessions are run every Saturday for 3hrs at our centre.

For years 6 to 7:

  • Skills assessment to check for gaps in learning that could have been missed at primary school
  • Social skill-focused activities, with a focus on successful relationships with teachers and making new friends
  • Managing time effectively and taking care of possessions
  • Classwork and homework completion strategies and how to find the one that best fits

For years 10 to 11:

  • GCSE past practise papers to gain exam techniques and improve attainment
  • Professional motivational speakers and mentors to help with career aspirations
  • Skills assessment to check for gaps in learning
  • Exam revision strategies and how to find one that best fits

For post-year 11 and school leavers: 

We help young people prepare for the future by supporting and connecting them to apprenticeships or training opportunities, college or university applications and interview practise. Professionals with lived experience provide mentoring to those wishing to progress into further education and career coaching to our young people wishing to take up apprenticeships or employment.

To provide a safe environment for all, teachers and staff at our sessions are DBS checked.

Motivational Programme

Confidence and having the drive to achieve goals does not always come easily to all young people . Our motivational programme aims to address this with activities designed to motivate, instil confidence, and grow knowledge and understanding of self — enabling young people to develop healthy minds and become positive contributors to society.

Additionally, we offer workshops in chess, health and wellbeing, developing healthy friendships, community activities, internet safety and recognising and preventing cyberbullying.

Culture, Heritage and History

YLN believes that learning about the cultural heritage of our ancestors is vital to all people of African and Caribbean descent and is severely missed in mainstream education. This is why we are committed to helping children and young people better understand their African and Caribbean heritage through a wide range of activities and excursions. 

Activities include: 

    • African history
    • African poetry 
    • Drama & performance
    • Music 
    • Storytelling 
    • Visit to sites of historical significance 
    • International excursions to places such as Ghana and the Republic of Benin

Our international trips offer truly enlightening experiences. Whether to connect with their roots, strengthen an existing identity or simply expand outlooks in a different environment, we see these trips as a priceless opportunity for growth and development. 

The itinerary may include (but is not limited to):

    • Visiting national museums
    • Exploring the Ghana Empire of Timbuktu 
    • Exploring the Republic of Benin 
    • Learning about kings and queens that fought for freedom during the slave-trade
    • Visiting local communities & small villages to experience the rural lifestyle
    • Safaris to see native flora and fauna in their natural habitat

We want to eradicate a system that perpetuates the failure of the African child by lifting the historical spirits of African and Caribbean descent through the understanding of their history and cultural heritage.

Parental Support 

We also offer advice and support to parents and families to help strengthen their understanding of the educational system and overcome any financial barriers and help families play a more active part in their children’s education. We provide home learning support resources such as books, software and other materials that will help enhance children’s capacity to engage in meaningful learning.

To further support parents we can also act as an intermediary between schools and parents, where communication may have become strained and help is needed. In this capacity, YLN can support families with healthy communication, while monitoring attainment and achievement. We will provide coaching and counselling to encourage positive changes in attitudes and behaviours that are limiting academic performance.

We also create forums for parents to find support and encouragement within communities. 

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