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Our aim is to provide educational support to families, helping young people reach academic success to build better communities and futures for all.

We serve families, children and young people in key stages 1 – 4 living across the boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham, Croydon and further afield by providing a programme of supplementary education. Our programme is aligned to the national curriculum, to reinforce key skills in reading, writing and maths. YLN’s key objectives are to:-

  • Raise educational standards
  • Deliver comprehensive support to children and young people with varying educational needs, including behavioural, SEN and ESL
  • Overcome financial barriers to benefit as many families as possible
  • Provide an environment conducive to learning
  • Create forums for parents to find support and encouragement
  • Foster positive relationships within local communities
  • Embed the depth and richness of African culture and history so often missing from mainstream schools’ curriculum


YLN provides tutoring for core academic subjects in a classroom-based environment. For the primary curriculum, key stages 1 and 2, the focus is on developing key skills in reading, writing and maths. For the secondary curriculum, key stages 3 and 4, we provide tutoring in English, maths and science. We also provide support with 11+, SATs, GCSEs, other exam preparation as well as homework support and home-learning options. Additionally, our educational programme includes a range of activities that enrich learning, develop academic minds and support maturity, confidence and healthy self-esteem. Past activities have involved: African history, online safety and cyber bullying, chess, European languages, drama, performance, music, storytelling, career coaching and motivation, further education applications, as well as trips around the UK and internationally to visit sites of historical significance.


Unique to YLN, is our desire to see children and young people gain a better understanding of African culture. Children and young people, along with family members, have the opportunity to explore Ghana with YLN. Whether to connect with their roots, strengthen an existing identity or simply expand outlooks with a different environment, we see this trip as a priceless opportunity for growth and development. In-country education and excursions include visiting national museums, exploring the Ghana Empire of Timbuktu and learning about kings and queens that fought for freedom during the slave-trade. We include visits to local communities and small villages to experience the rural lifestyle, as well as organised safaris to see the Big Five – nature’s giants in their natural habitat.


We also act as an intermediary between schools and parents, where communication may have become strained and help is needed. In this capacity, YLN can support families with healthy communication, while monitoring attainment and achievement. We will provide coaching and counselling to encourage positive changes in attitudes and behaviours that are limiting academic performance.

YLN provides information and advice to parents and families to help them play an active part in their children’s education. We provide home learning support resources such as books, software and other materials that will help enhance children’s capacity to engage in meaningful learning.

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