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Our aim is to provide educational support to families/communities that promotes and builds a better future for all.

The key objectives of our mission are:-

  • Raise Educational standards
  • Deliver comprehensive support for children and young people with disabilities and Special Education Needs
  • Organise to increase membership
  • Provide a better environment for learning
  • Create forums for parents to discuss and debate
  • Foster harmonious relations among communities
  • Undertake visits to heritage & other historical places of learning

YLN’s Mission

YLN’s mission is to create strategies to empower our young Africans and African Caribbean people, through specific learning programmes and projects in order to develop their talents and skills. Create a positive learning environment that motivates and instil confidence, knowledge and understanding of self that enables them to become positive contributors to society. The additional value lies in enhancing the support to Africans and African Caribbean children and young people, who having difficulties with motivation in mainstream education, those on the verge of exclusion, and those who have been excluded.

The process also involves and motivates parents to engage in the quest to resolve the issues relative to the educational needs of their children. Parents are important to the resolve because they are the voices of change for education to be regarded as an investment and not as a cost to the nation.

 YLN’s Vision

YLN regards education as the passport to enlightenment, and that enlightenment must be shared by parents, teachers and the decision makers. It is therefore vital for African parents to fully understand how the educational system functions, to be able to highlight areas where educators are failing the children. We must eradicate a system that perpetuates the failure of the African child.  We argue that given appropriate guidance, support, direction and motivation, our children and young people should be able to have a better understanding of who they are in society and participate in the creation of an effective socio-economic niche.

YLN’s Vision is to lift the historical spirits of children of African Heritage through pride in African History. The group is responding to The African Union’s proposals for the people’s of the African Diaspora to enhance their relationships with the people of Continental Africa.  The group has designed international initiatives that provide young people with the opportunity to experience a trip to Africa to learn about their almost lost roots, culture and heritage.  Such travel experiences have been of significant benefit to young people.  The benefit remains a life-changing experience that broadens their horizons, improves knowledge of self, improves confidence, teaches them new skills and helps them to gain valuable knowledge of Africa.

The overseas trip is linked to a sponsorship deal we have secured with British Airways.  The group is sincerely grateful to British Airways for its generosity and contribution to the notion of building one world.

The educational benefits of such trips are that they engage young people in a comparative assessment of levels of development. The young British person can determine how his or her quality of life might be more or less advanced that of the young continental African.  Such trips enhance the development of a young person. It enables him or her to decide the educational disciplines they should pursue. It helps to identify the cultural loss through slavery and the economic differences between African children living here in the UK but born in different parts of the world.

Young people will also embrace the opportunity to explore in Ghana, visit national museums, learn about slavery, learn about the great Ghana Empire of Timbuktu visit places of historical interest, see wildlife in their natural habitat and very importantly, spend quality time with families in local villages to experience life on a different level.


YLN provides tutorials in English, Maths, ICT, Science, African History, French & other European languages to young people, as well as engaging them, in Homework & Home Tuition programmes. Undertake Drama and Music, Storytelling, other holistic educational activities and programmes run Residential Workshops and Motivational & Heritage projects.

We act as an intermediary between the schools of young people and their parents, engage in monitoring their work and achievements, and offer counselling to enhance behavioural attitude towards teacher/pupil relationship and learning.

YLN provides information, advice sessions to parents and families on their responsibilities and roles in their children’s education, home learning support resources such as books, educational software and other materials that will help enhance the capacity of the children to engage in meaningful learning.

We run weekend and holiday school activities for children. We educate parents to enhance their understanding of every aspect of their own Heritage, the British educational and technological issues and above all, provide and deliver a coherent and culturally sensitive method of education that will promote and teach traditions and culture to young people.  Understanding one’s heritage is the prize that emerges from traditional African storytelling and games, African History & Films, Traditional Dances & songs; and most importantly engaging in historical visits to Africa and the Caribbean.

Our ideology is further reinforced by the words of Aime Cesaire in his Notebook of a Return to My Native Land “It is not true that the work of man is finished, that we have nothing more to do in the world but be parasites in this world, that all we need now is to keep in step with the world, for the work of man is only just beginning, and it remains to man to conquer all the violence entrenched in the races of his passion ….. and no race holds the monopoly of beauty, of intelligence, of force and there is a place for all in the Youth Learning Network’’.

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